Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello 2015

Inspired by a lot of posts I've read over the last few days these are my so called new years resolutions or things I'd like to achieve by next year!

  • Read more - I am never going to be a 5000 page novel kind of girl but even if it's a true life story or fact book it's better than sitting on my laptop right?
  • Do more makeup - I'd love to start getting paid for freelance work, I need to be qualified first before I consider it but I want to get myself onto a good start!
  • Go on holiday somewhere hot - I feel like in the winter my vitamin D levels drop quite a lot and I'm quite prone to feeling down in the winter months so topping up on some sunshine when I can is definitely needed!
  • Start doing some yoga!
  • Complete a special course in Bridal Makeup

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