Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Clarins Skincare Haul

With some leftover Christmas money I was on the lookout for some products I could use properly in my skincare routine. It's one of my new years resolutions to stick to looking after my skin a bit more as it has suffered in previous years just due to me being lazy!
Even though I have been stuck in my Liz Earle cleanse & polish ways for about two years now I have always wanted to try Clarins so decided to purchase a few products from them. My friend who works for the brand gave me a few recommendations so I decided to start with the One-Step facial cleanser and Toning lotion (I purchased these both from with a discount code!). As far as first impressions go (I've only been using these for little under a week) I LOVE the toning lotion it smells amazing and I feel like it really prepares my skin for moisturiser! The facial cleanser is so simple to use (you have to shake the bottle) the only downside is that it does leave your skin feeling a bit oily but the toner sorts that out. My favourite thing is that they are both alcohol free which if you are into skincare you will know that alcohol is horrible and drying for your skin.
clarins, skincare, makeup, review
clarins, makeup, skincare, review

A few days after telling my friend I bought my first Clarins products she let me know about a giftset for £22 where you could get two full size products (cleanser & toners are usually £25 each) plus a makeup bag & eye makeup remover, so I decided to pick one of them up too so I could have extra stock of the toner. The cleanser it comes with is a milk formula which I haven't had the chance to try yet but am looking forward to seeing the difference and finding out what I prefer. I was also given a few samples of some other products to try!
Hopefully in the new few weeks I'll write an updated post of how I'm getting on with these products and be able to write a proper review :)



Monday, 5 January 2015

Hello 2015

Inspired by a lot of posts I've read over the last few days these are my so called new years resolutions or things I'd like to achieve by next year!

  • Read more - I am never going to be a 5000 page novel kind of girl but even if it's a true life story or fact book it's better than sitting on my laptop right?
  • Do more makeup - I'd love to start getting paid for freelance work, I need to be qualified first before I consider it but I want to get myself onto a good start!
  • Go on holiday somewhere hot - I feel like in the winter my vitamin D levels drop quite a lot and I'm quite prone to feeling down in the winter months so topping up on some sunshine when I can is definitely needed!
  • Start doing some yoga!
  • Complete a special course in Bridal Makeup