Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My MAC Lipsticks

It's got to the stage now whenever I go into MAC I end up picking up a lipstick shade I like and realising I already own it! These are the lipsticks that I have been collecting for the last few years, the finishes range from Matte to Cremesheen but I really do think if you haven't tried anything from the brand before a lipstick is a good place to start!

St Germain
Creme Cup

Snob was the first shade I ever purchased, I can't resist a pink lipstick I actually think I'm beginning to develop a problem. Angel & creme cup are both staple MAC lipsticks that a lot of people have - Angel is supposed to be the favourite lipstick of Kim Kardashian!

Honey Love

Hue has to be my ultimate favourite (Hence why it's completely run out) I think this nude really suits paler skin tones well as it has a pink undertone to it. Honey love is my most recent purchase which looks lovely with a darker lipliner placed around it.

Lady Danger

This is my first red lipstick as I'm not a huge fan of them but over the coming weeks of Christmas I hope to get much more use out of it! The next one I have on my list is the famous Velvet Teddy but who knows when they will ever get that back in stock (thank you kylie jenner!!!)

What's your favourite MAC lipstick shade?

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